A question some patients ask us is “Should I buy hearing aids at Costco”?

When buying hearing aids, Alexandria Hearing Centers does not recommend a big box store (such as Costco).  Patients who may be considering a big box store are likely considering it for price alone.  Alexandria Hearing Centers believes price should not be the sole criteria in determining where you purchase.   We believe patients should see a trained, experienced medical professional, a licensed doctor of audiology.  An audiologist with proven experience and demonstrated reliability is essential for the best outcomes.  Patients should seek providers who offer a variant of hearing aid options to ensure the best solution for their hearing loss. 

Alexandria Hearing Centers, strongly encourages anyone looking for help with their hearing to see a doctor of audiology.  Doctors of audiology are health professionals licensed by the state, and extensively trained (typically 8 years of education) to manage many areas of hearing healthcare including comprehensive audiological evaluations; diagnostic tests for balance/dizziness disorders and rehabilitation for vestibular disorders; auditory processing evaluations for infants, children and adults; design, selection, fitting and verification of hearing instruments and assistive listening devices; rehabilitation therapy for hearing disorders; patient and family counseling about living with hearing loss; cerumen (earwax) management; and evaluation and management of tinnitus and hyperacusis.  Learn more about the services we offer

Big box retailers often hire hearing aid dispensers/specialists, and not doctors of audiology.  Hearing aid dispensers are limited to basic hearing tests exclusively for the purpose of selling hearing aids to adults and hearing aid sales/fittings. 

Alexandria Hearing Centers employs doctors of audiology.  Additionally, we work closely with a team of Otolaryngologists (aka ENT), Dr. Michael Nathan and Dr. Stanley Voigt, whom are co-located in our office space to ensure the most appropriate and convenient care for all of our patients.  As such, when our audiologists discover medical issues, such as an ear infection or earwax impaction, the ENT office is onsite to evaluate and treat you same day.  This unique capability provides our patients with a convenient and professional experience that cannot be emulated by big box retailers.

Alexandria Hearing Centers always recommends seeking hearing healthcare from a doctor of audiology with a proven track record.  Hearing aids are sophisticated tiny medical devices.  Like eyeglasses, hearing aids are prescriptive to your specific hearing loss.  They have the ability to programmatically amplify only the pitches that you need, adjust to different acoustic environments, help to lower background noise, and much more.  The capabilities are truly amazing, and require an experienced professional to ensure the maximum potential is being achieved.  To ensure the best possible outcome, get to know your audiologist.  You should find out how long they have been in practice and check online reviews to see what others are saying about them and the practice.

Hearing aids, like any great piece of technology, require long-term care. The devices may require repairs, maintenance, reprogramming, and cleaning throughout their life.  This is why selecting a reliable provider you can build a relationship with is important.  You will need them in the years to come.  It can be so frustrating to invest time in building a relationship with a provider/practice who then closes their business, moves away, joins a new group, etc. and then have to start all over. 

Alexandria Hearing Centers was founded in Northern Virginia over 30 years by the late Dr. Michael V. Massa.  Currently, we have three seasoned and well-respected doctors of audiology.  Dr. Ann Parro, owner, has been with the practice for over 12 years.  Dr. Ann Hinds, has been with our practice for four years and Dr. Katie Kelley, joined the practice two years ago after completing her residency with us.  Get to know more about each of the audiologists at Alexandria Hearing Center

Hearing aids are not cheap, even at the big box retailers.  These medical devices are an investment.  Our goal, is to offer you the best return on your investment in the way of better hearing.  We want you to be comfortable with your decision, therefore, we offer in home trials with many of our hearing aids so you can experience the benefits before making a final decision.  Most of our hearing aids come with three-year warranties, three-year loss plans, two years of service, and one year of batteries.  We have a variety of makes and models of hearing aids available at different price points to help fit your budget.  We also offer financing options to help make the hearing aids even more budget friendly.  Additionally, we participate with most major insurance plans who often have some coverage for hearing aids. 

Alexandria Hearing Centers recommends patients entrust their sense of hearing to a trained, experienced doctor of audiology, whom is reliable and trustworthy.  One that will work with them to find the best hearing solution within their budget.