Custom Earplugs and Earmolds

Custom Earmolds

Some models of behind-the-ear hearing aids require custom earmolds. As the name implies, custom earmolds are made custom to fit the unique contour of your ear.  Earmolds come in a wide variety of sizes, colors and types. Some earmolds are solid, and some are soft or spongy. The type of earmold your hearing professional recommends will depend on your individual needs.

In additional to hearing devices, custom earplugs are available for a number of hobbies and activities, such as swimming and sleeping.  Earmolds are also popular for fitting over certain earbud headphones, under pilot boom-mic headsets, and other specialty uses.

Swim Plugs

Swims Plugs are custom made ensuring a proper fit to protect the ears from water.  Our swim plugs are floatable and made of a soft silicone material. They are available in a variety of colors plus the option of swirling up to 3 colors to add a little fun to your custom plugs.

Musician’s Earplugs

Musicians have unique needs when it comes to hearing protection. They need to protect their hearing, but they also need to be able to hear their own music clearly, as well as hear other musicians’ music and voices while performing.

Conventional store-bought earplugs are great at providing hearing protection. However, they don’t attenuate evenly—musicians typically want a more even frequency response from their earplugs. Foam or off the shelf earplugs usually attenuate the highs more than the lows and this doesn’t sound good to the musician.

Most musicians need specialized protection. This means protection across all frequencies with more emphasis on the low-to-mid frequencies. Musician plugs generally attenuate evenly across frequencies but this may vary by type of instrument they play and their location to other musicians.

Custom Fit In-Ear Monitors

Many occupations today require the use of in-ear audio monitors.  These custom audio monitors, provide the clearest communication for a number of professional uses — including newscasters, military, law enforcement, pilots.  Because these monitors are made specifically for your ear(s) they are more comfortable and less likely to fall out.

Custom Earphones

From MP3s to gaming devices, computers and more, experience the ultimate in listening enjoyment with custom headphones and personal audio, made precisely for your ears.  These custom products will allow you to hear your music and conversations more clearly.


Whatever your unique lifestyle, Alexandria Hearing Centers has custom solutions to fit your needs. Call today to make an appointment to discuss the right solution for you.