Hearing Aid Maintenance and Troubleshooting

For hearing devices, Red indicates the Right ear and Blue indicates the Left ear.

Behind the ear (miniRITE) – How to put on your new hearing device?

  1. Make sure that you put the device at the top/behind your ear first- to where it hangs on the ear.
  2. Then push the dome tip into your ear canal until the wire is flush with your skin.
  3. Using your thumb, make sure the thin wire (if applicable) is in the bottom of the ear.
  4. Push the HA in all the way to make sure they are on all the way

For more information visit https://www.oticon.com/support/how-to/put-on-and-remove-hearing-aid.

What you need to know about Volume Control (if applicable to your devices):

  1. The RIGHT button RAISES the volume of both hearing aids
  2. The LEFT button LOWERS the volume of both hearing aids
  3. When you open/close the battery door it will return to NORMAL.

For more information visit, https://www.oticon.com/support/how-to/control-your-hearing-aid

How to take the best care of your hearing aids:

  1. Take them off at night and before getting a haircut or showering.
  2. Open the battery door at night when you take them off or if you have a charger, set them in the charger.
  3. If not rechargeable, change the battery every 5-7 days.
  4. When you change the battery: take off the sticker tab and put it into the battery door with the flat side up. You can use the magnet stick to help with removing and inserting the battery. For instructions on how to change your hearing aid batteries visit https://www.oticon.com/support/how-to/use-and-care/test-and-change-batteries
  5. Change the clear dome tip and wax filters routinely, if applicable.  For instructions on how to change your dome and/or wax guard visit https://www.oticon.com/support/how-to/use-and-care/replace-dome or https://www.oticon.com/support/how-to/use-and-care/change-wax-filters
  6. Cleaning your hearing aid. https://www.oticon.com/support/how-to/use-and-care/clean-hearing-aid
  7. Did your device lose connection with an accessory or phone?  To pair your device, https://www.oticon.com/support/how-to/connect-to-wireless-accessories

Oticon’s Troubleshooting Tips

Hearing Aid Problem

Possible Cause

Troubleshoot Tips

Distorted sound


  • Dirty or corroded battery contacts
  • Dirty or corroded battery
  • Hearing aid is switched to telecoil


  • Open and close the battery compartment several times
  • Clean battery surfaces with a dry cloth or replace the battery
  • Switch to an acoustic listening program, e.g., Program 1


No sound


  • Dead battery
  • Clogged sound outlet
  • Clogged microphone opening


  • Replace the battery
  • Clean the sound outlet or change the wax filter
  • Clean the microphone opening


Whistling or Howling Sound


  • Ear wax
  • The hearing aid is not inserted properly


  • Get your ear canal checked by a doctor
  • Try removing and reinserting your hearing aid again


If these solutions do not resolve the problem, please call our office to schedule an appointment to see your hearing healthcare professional.