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Janani Perera Au.D


Meet Janani Perera Au.D

Dr. Janani Perera is originally from New Jersey. She earned a Bachelor of Philosophy in Communication Science after defending an honors thesis at the University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Perera went on to attend the University of Maryland, where she received her clinical doctorate in audiology. Her capstone research project investigated an association between central compensation in the brainstem and enhanced cortical magnetoencephalography responses. She completed her audiology residency at Massachusetts Eye and Ear in Boston, Massachusetts. Dr. Perera is dedicated to providing warm, patient-centered, evidence-based care for her patients. She is licensed in both the Commonwealth of Virginia and holds certification from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). When she is not at work, Dr. Perera enjoys painting, hiking, and all things related to food (like cooking, watching cooking shows, and trying new restaurants).