One of the most exciting advancements in hearing aids is connectivity. Most hearing aids now come with built in Bluetooth capabilities and are compatible with most iPhone and Android phones. Hearing aids used to limit the wearer’s access to audio devices like cell phones and music players. Previously, to listen to music while jogging, you needed to remove your hearing aids in order to insert earbuds. Today, advanced technology is built into hearing aids, such as the Oticon More. This technology uses Bluetooth to connect to electronic devices and stream audio directly to your ears.

Why is this technology important for your hearing aid?

  • Wireless: Stream phone calls and audio with ease
  • Two Ears: Calls and audio streamed into both ears for better processing
  • Location: Track lost hearing aids
  • Health: Monitor brain and hearing activity
  • Remote Control: Change volume or programs on your hearing aids, and visually see what changes are being made on your smartphone

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