Studies have shown that on average, hearing aid wearers wait 10 years to seek treatment from their initial diagnosis of hearing loss. Untreated hearing loss may lead to higher incidences of dementia, depression, anxiety, and hospitalizations. It can also lead to a decrease in cognitive abilities. As a family member or friend, it is important to be supportive of your loved one and make them feel comfortable all while encouraging them to seek treatment.

There are many different ways to kindly encourage your loved one to seek hearing assistance. Making them aware of the risks associated with untreated hearing loss may motivate your loved one to seek help. These risks include important warning sounds (i.e., alarms, news alerts, etc.) or instructions from their doctors, which if missed, may put their safety in jeopardy. Another form of encouragement is to let them know the positive effects of treating hearing loss, including an increase in quality of life, prevention of dementia, and the linkage between hearing aids lowering the risk of falls. You should also remind your loved one that they are not the only one affected by their hearing loss. Letting them know how their hearing loss impacts you may encourage them to take the leap of finding hearing help.

A person with hearing loss may feel more encouraged to seek help if a friend or loved one supports them along the way. Offering to come to their appointments may make them feel less anxious about the situation, and will likely heighten your loved one’s experience. You can also look at the services available on our website with your loved one and talk about options together.

These are only a few tips for encouraging your loved one to seek hearing treatment. Every situation is different, but by keeping your loved one’s best interest in mind, you are ultimately helping to improve their overall quality of life. Alexandria Hearing Centers is here to help you and your loved one. Call today or click here to set up an appointment and talk to our audiologists on solutions to help you or your loved one hear all of all life’s special moments.