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Patient Testimonials

Thank you so much for being graciously available for my mom last week.  What a relief it has been for us and for her especially to be able to communicate.  She loves her new hearing aids!  We are both so grateful for your willingness to go the extra mile (or 20?) to make it happen.


Debbie W


I left your office yesterday not only hearing better but with a wonderful sense of well being.

Your gift of hearing extends beyond medicine and mechanics.

Thank you for being here for those of us who need you.

Marvel L.


You’ve been really wonderful in helping me with my hearing.  Without you I wouldn’t have the recovery of word recognition that allows me to enjoy the theatre.

You’re in my heart!

Marge S.


Thank you so much for all the wonderful service I received when I purchased my two hearing aids.

Your patience was appreciated.  I also appreciate all the help in obtaining the referral from my health care provider.


Nancy B.

P.S. I really am enjoying these hearing aids.


Everyone is very friendly, great doctors, easy to talk to.  Great job folks.  Keep up the great work.  See you soon. 

Jeff D.